Best Way To Keep Flowers Fresh

How do you feel when you receive a bouquet of flowers from any of your known ones? The feeling cannot be expressed in simple words. Delivered straight from the florist, the buyer takes their valuable time to send the most beautiful flowers no matter what the occasion is.

Flowers are very beautiful…they really are! But they soon begin to droop if they are not provided with much needed care. How to preserve flowers? Or How do you preserve flowers is the one of the biggest questions that you will have to face for preserving flowers and keeping them fresh.

Keep Flowers Fresh Longer

If you want your flowers to stay fresh and last long, here are some useful ways to keep flowers fresh which you must follow to make them stay blooming:

  1. Wash Your Vase Properly: You do not receive stunning flowers every day, do you? So there could be a possibility that your vase has been lying idle waiting for its companion to arrive. It surely would have accumulated dust. So when you are washing the flower vase, make sure you use warm water. Consider using a small cap of bleaching agent with a sponge. Wait until the vase gets dried on its own. This is done to prevent the vase from coming in contact with bacteria when water and flowers are placed in it. Avoid using a towel.
  2. Get Rid of Unwanted Leaves and Cut Stems: Are the stems long? Do the flowers have extra leaves? It is better to get rid of unwanted leaves and shorten the stems by a few inches. It is advised to cut the stems on a diagonal while they are still inside water. Make sure you get the leaves out in case water falls on them. Wet leaves will cause great harm to the flowers as they begin to decay.
  3. Do Not Forget to Change the Water Daily: Water plays a very crucial role for flowers, so make sure you do not act casually when it comes to changing water on a daily basis. Just like you clean water to keep yourself spot free and healthy, flowers need care too. They have a life. Do not let them die within a day or two. Pour clean water on them to ensure their long life.

Well, there might be a few useful things lying in and around your house. Use them to their full potential to make your blooms last longer. These include:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar and Sugar
  • Bleach
  • Flower Food
  • Hairspray
  • Soda
  • Vodka

Flowers express what the other person thinks about you. They seem more like a welcoming gift to the recipient. Nobody wants to see their flowers turning brown and getting weaker day after day. Well, the fact is that a majority remain unaware of how they should take care of their blooms so that they do not perish quickly.

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